2024 3rd International Conference on Intelligent Systems, Communications and Computer Networks (ISCCN 2024)
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- Changsha, China -

ISCCN 2024 will be be held in Changsha, China, from Feb. 23-25,2024. For further information about the Changsha, please find the below.


Changsha, nicknamed “Star City”, is the capital of Hunan Province in central China. This famous cultural and historical old city of more than 2,000 years has been a key strategic area for the Chu Kingdom in Spring and Autumn War Period about 200 BC. With the advantageous location and convenient transportation network by bullet train and flights, Changsha is one of the most important traffic hub cities for transferring to / from most cities (regions) in China and also some international destinations.

It is well known domestically that Changsha is famous with its mouth-watering local food and national famous entertainment satellite television programs. However, this vibrant and gourmet city is also home to Mawangdui Han Dynasty Tomb praised as the No.8 Miracle in the World, Yuelu Academy with over thousand year history, famous isle scenery praised by Chairman Mao, lots of other pleasant forest mountains, historical sites, cultural museums, and more outstanding places to savor the special elegant and hot Hunan charm!